The Alliance Against Intoxicated Motorists publishes a set of statistics regularly regarding the DUI rate in Chicago. In this report you will notice how often the Chicago Police (and surrounding locations) stop motorists and check for DUI’s. You will also notice that when compared to the entire state of Illinois, Chicago is the town that sees the majority of stops and charges for DUI’s.

The Chicago Police actively seek out drunk drivers and are very strict when it comes to charging them. In fact, Cook County leads the city of Chicago in the amount of DUI arrests.

Below you will find the top ten counties in Chicago for DUI arrests…

1 Cook 430
2 Lake 337
3 LaSalle 240
4 Champaign 222
5 Coles 220
6 Will 219
7 St. Clair 206
8 Winnebago 194
9 Boone 190
10 DuPage 186

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