July 4th can be a wonderful time to celebrate the United States and the liberties we are all grateful for. However, law enforcement tightens up every year from July 3rd to the 4th, due to the increase in crowds and especially the increase in alcohol consumption. Add all of these things together and it can mean jail for even getting slightly too “rowdy” during this holiday. Being well versed as a Chicago criminal lawyer, I have outlined the steps you should take to be sure that you stay out of harms way and do not end up in a jail cell this weekend.

Drinking & Driving in Chicago Will Result in a DUI

Driving under the influence is not a good idea in the first place. This is doubly true on a big holiday such as the 4th of July. The Chicago law enforcement is tightening up on DUI’s and if you are pulled over, there is a very good chance you will land in jail. While mistakes certainly happen, it is important to know your rights. Be sure to contact your lawyer as soon as possible. It is best practice to have your lawyers phone number saved in your cell phone. Our number is (312) 371-5522 or go to our website and click the phone number a the top of the page to be connected directly to our office.

Use a Designated Driver

If you are going to consume alcohol, be sure to have someone around willing to drive sober. If you cannot find a designated driver, there are various taxi services in Chicago and the Cook County area. A new service that has just recently been introduced into Chicago is called Uber. It allows you to contact a private car service directly from your phone – perfect for when you want to celebrate and not worry about a DUI.

Be Mindful of Large Crowds

During big celebrations, things can get overwhelming and lead to people making bad choices as the night progresses. Always be aware of your surroundings. Make sure to remember what street you are on and try to walk in groups later at night in the city.

If you are charged with a criminal offense, we are ready and willing to help defend your rights. Be sure to add our number to your cell phone in case of any emergency – (312) 371-5522.